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Twitter for Education?


Twitter is often found to be the forgotten social network when it comes to education. Whilst Facebook has been embraced by some educationalists, for its use of groups, many others have struggled to find the value in Twitter. Twitter is the social network of choice for sharp discussions and breaking news and opinion (limited to 140 characters). Unlike Facebook where interaction is limited to members of a group or friends, Twitter allows for interaction with anyone and everyone in a public space where new connections can be made daily. This of course presents challenges, created by openess and equality of view. However opportunities for Education can be found such as these suggestions made by a representative of Twitter at #Bett2015.

Education ideas from Twitter

Tweet pals – Students to connect with other students studying the same subject (much like pen pals)

Ask Questions – Create a hashtag (eg#JaneGclass) and students can tweet using this tag to have their questions display on the class timeline.

140 Summary – Ask students to tweet a 140 character summary of a book, poem, TV show, concept, idea etc.(quite a challenge)

Breaking News – Follow hastags to find out about a subject, especially developing stories.

Netiquette – There are rules of the internet and how to behave, explore this topic on twitter, following #netiquette.

Engage Parents – Some of our departments already have twitter accounts, why not encourage parents to follow and share updates of what’s going on in College and important announcements (eg: parents evening)

Exchange ideas – 40% of all twitter users don’t tweet, they listen. Listen to the views, ideas and tips from others. Follow useful accounts like @teachingideas for daily inspiration.




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