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E-learning tool Review-

Blubbr – Triv – User View
Blubbr – Triv – Editor
Update: 2017 – This post is for archived use. The website and tool mentioned below no longer exists and thus can no longer be recommended. 

In this post I would like to share a tool I have recently discovered following a recommendation from my Jisc Regional support contact. is a tool designed to blend Youtube videos and a Quiz activity. The site uses a web based interface to allow any user to create quizzes by collecting together Youtube videos in what they call a “Triv”. The videos will automatically play when viewing a Triv and at set points will pause to ask the viewer a multiple choice question. The question is set by the creator along with the possible answers. Users have twenty seconds to make their choice, and points awarded if they answer correctly. The “Triv” awards more points the faster a viewer answers correctly. In each Triv a running leaderboard is kept and users are encouraged to share their score via social media.

I really like this activity format as it is very interactive and fun. In terms of accessibility (in reference to Salmon’s Five Stage Model) it is intuitive to user and takes cues from television quiz shows (like Who wants to be a millionaire) and quizzing apps. From an educational standpoint a good tool doesn’t make good learning, and that is very true here. Most of the Trivs already created are for fun, with titles like “Goal or no Goal”, “Which Radiohead song?” and “Disney Trivia”. However when used as a recap tool it can be effective. In my demonstration (above) I have attempted this, so encourage the viewer to pay attention to key details of the recipe. I can also see this resource being used by learners to create quizzes about a topic being studied. By designing a quiz the learners will have to ensure their questions are correct and source appropriate videos. This is essentially research knowledge and comprehension packaged together in a product (application).


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